To all our new and regular valued clients

We are fully aware in these strange unprecedented times that things are happening and changing that are beyond our control. Our regular and loyal clients will already know that getting an appointment is like gold dust. This is not just at Stilo but at every salon in Whitianga and beyond. At this time we are fully booked until the second week of January. We are running a wait list as we anticipate as COVID moves into our community, there inevitably will be people who need to cancel or reschedule which opens up gaps for us to get a client in that potentially could have missed out.

HOWEVER, please consider if you need to cancel that you give us at least 24 hours notice. Have respect for the extra time and longer hours that our stylists are working just so you can get your hair done for Xmas. We go out of our way and often work later and longer and miss out on time with our children and loved ones because we know how much your hair appointment is vital to your mental health and well-being. Please consider our own mental health and well-being as well as lost income and stress when you choose to not show up or cancel at the last minute. As a team we have decided to be firm on a 50% cancellation fee if you cancel less than 24 hours.

We have several reminder and confirmation options. We can send you a txt or email either 24 or 48 hours before your appointment. (Or other lengths of time that suit) If you confirm it automatically shows on your appointment but if you need to cancel or change your appointment you MUST call as if you reply to the txt it will not automatically show in our computer system.
On that note, please save our salon number in your phone 078664229
The clothing side gets many many calls and messages for bookings and while that might be ok when both sides are open, we are missing calls and messages that are left out of hours because the wrong number has been called. It’s an easy error to make if you google Stilo the clothing side will often show at the top of google and you will call their separate landline by accident. We feel bad if we haven’t returned your call but it’s most likely that we didn’t get it.
Same goes for emails, we are incredibly busy and under the pump and currently it is taking a couple of days to respond to emails. There are not enough hours in the day 😫 if you can’t wait, please call us on 078664229 for a quicker response.

If you’ve made it this far through our PSA then we absolutely applaud your stamina!
Thank you for all your kind words and understanding through these difficult times. Our clients are like family to us, we want to hear about your hopes and plans and dreams for Xmas and beyond! Let’s make a conscious effort to spread positivity and support, especially to those who feel anxious and unsure. We welcome rational and thoughtful discussion around this new world we are about to navigate. But we don’t condone extreme views or forceful dialogue within our workspace and reserve the right to shut down antagonistic conversation so as to respect our clients that feel uncomfortable and to provide a peaceful relaxing atmosphere so you can feel pampered and cared for at Stilo.

Stand by for an email detailing our orange light plans for Friday.

Massive love and peace #teamstilo xoxo 🖤