We’ve missed you!
Yesterday Jacinda gave us the go ahead to open on Thursday 14th May. And while we are more than excited to see all of you, it’s been super overwhelming with nearly 500 emails, phone messages, facebook and instagram messages as well as bumping into you all at the supermarket. Its only fair that we reschedule those who missed out at the beginning of lockdown as well as those who already had appointments throughout April and May.
For all of our other valued clients, we are working through the backlog and want to let you know some changes we’ve had to make in regards to Covid-19 restrictions in line with NZARH and the Ministry of Health…

• There will be a limit of 10 people allowed in the salon at any one time. Because of this, you may not enter unless you have an appointment. Please call 07 8664229 and leave a message to make an appointment.
• You may purchase retail at the door, just give us a smile and a wave!
• If you have an appointment scheduled, please knock and give us a wave at the door. We will seat you as soon as we have a sanitised station free.
• Clients are not required to wear PPE. However please consider our safety as well as others in our space. Some of our staff are immuno-compromised so please take it upon yourself to wear a mask and gloves if you feel it is appropriate.
• Our staff will wear masks in line with our clients needs
• Immuno-compromised and over 70s are recommended to stay at home.as per the MOH guidelines.We will leave this decision up to the individual. If you fall under this category and choose to attend your appointment please make sure you take the necessary PPE precautions. We do not discriminate, however we reserve the right to refuse service if you appear unwell or place our staff and other clients in an unsafe position.
• Please consider the health and wellbeing of our staff as well as the other clients. If you feel in any way ill or have a cough or sniffles, please stay home. Cancellation fees will be waived during this time.
• we are unable to serve refreshments or have magazines at this time so feel free to bring your own.
• Because of the 10 pax limit, our staff have split into smaller teams. Our working hours have been spread out over 7 days instead of 5. This means that you may not initially get your preferred day or time or even stylist. Please understand that we are doing our absolute best to reschedule everyone to suit. Our preliminary hours are as follows…..

• Mary – Monday, Tuesday, Friday
• Paige – Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Sunday
• Jamee – Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday
• Pep – Tuesday, Thursday, Sunday
• Charlotte – Monday, Wednesday, Saturday
• Camryn – Monday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday
• Hannah – Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Sunday
• Shaq – Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday
For the next 6 weeks or the end of level 2, whichever comes first, whoever books with Cam their cut or cut/colour will go in the draw to WIN their next service with Cam absolutely FREE!! (t&c apply)
Last of all, don’t forget our online webstore is live for all your Kerastase and L’Oreal Professionnel haircare needs. We offer flat rate shippimg or click and collect.
We have had a huge surge in e-vouchers so if you’d like to support us by purchasing a prepaid credit or buy an e-voucher for someone special, you can do that here. We can email your voucher straight to your inbox or to your chosen recipient. So Simple So Easy!
Again, thank you all for your kindness and understanding. If you haven’t been contacted yet, we are working on it and we promise we haven’t forgotten you. We can’t wait to see you all again and catch up on your covid-19 chronicles! Our clients are as much our family as our team is… ONE LOVE.
Be Kind Stay Safe!
Team Stilo x